Frequent Questions

Do you have any questions about our pricing, policies, or vehicles? You are in the perfect spot! We have amassed our most common questions and, their respective answers for you here. So, if you are wondering something, check out our Q & A below.

If you don't see your particular question, don't worry. Just call. Our booking agents will either know the answer, or scour to the ends of the earth (not really... but we're willing) to find the information you're looking for.

What sort of features do your buses have?
You will enjoy a whole host of incredible features in each of our buses and limos. Common throughout our fleet will be leather seating, colorful mood lighting, luxurious flooring (hardwood or plush carpet), audiophile sound systems, TV's, DVD/BluRay players, tinted glass, window shades, wet bars, coolers for ice, cup-holders, and anything else we forgot!
Can we smoke while in your vehicles?
Smoking is definitely not allowed. Sorry! We do this for cleanliness and to avoid damage. Your driver will gladly stop whenever you need a comfort break. Just let them know!
Is drinking allowed on the the party buses and limos?
Absolutely. As long as everyone is legally permissible to drink, you're all more than welcome to partake! It is a "party " bus, after all.
Do you provide alcohol?
We are not legally able to provide beverages. So, you will have to provide your own. Bring whatever you'd like, though!
Will I be charged any surprise hidden fees?
Absolutely not! Everything will be fully disclosed on your initial quote. And, before you sign a contract with us we will go over any potential additional charges from excessive cleanup, accidental damage, or additional hours.
Are we required to tip the driver additionally?
We believe a "tip is a tip". While we encourage you to provide gratuity for exceptional service... We would never require you to tip anything over your additional quote unless you wanted to.
If we go over our time, how is additional time figured?
Overtime is simple. We simply charge you our standard hourly rate which, was provided when you booked your event. While it is advised that you try to let us know ahead of time, we are able to accommodate time overages as long as we do not have another client waiting for your vehicle.
If I live outside your standard area of operations, can we still book with you?
We always do our best to provide our service to anyone who needs it. So, the answer is almost always yes. Sometimes, there may be an additional fuel charge to cover extensive trips. But, this is simply to cover our additional costs. Since we cannot always cover every locale, we do advise you to get in touch with our booking agents if you are quite a ways away from the Boca Raton/Miami area.
Do you require a deposit for booking?
We do require a good faith deposit in order to book. We will need this to be made by credit or debit card to lock in your vehicle for your date and time.
How much will my rental cost?
What you will pay varies widely! It depends on a whole slew of different factors. Hop on over to our Limo & Party Bus Rates page for specific details. Or, give us a call!
Are there specific days and times you operate?
We are open for business all day, every day. You can call or email us at any time!
Will you work on holidays?
Absolutely. We are open every single day of the year!

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